In the end the most important is that my clients' clients and associates appreciate and benefit from what I produce, so that my clients get advantages from it. Below I share some of the comments made about my work.


International digital newsletters for Chemrec AB, two editions/year.


Design, interviews, photos, illustrations, production, distribution. Produced in tool MailDirect.

Dear Mr. Lownertz,

As one of Chemrec’s research and development partners in the United States, we want to congratulate you on a very well written and visually pleasing newsletter. As one of Chemrec’s suppliers, we are very pleased to have a part in your success.

Pete Beaulieu, Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC,Monessen, Pennsylvania,USA

- - -

Hello Patrik,

Exceptionally good newsletter! Very interesting interview with Sveaskog.

Rickard Frithiof, Management consultant, Vattenfall Power Consultant AB, Stockholm

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Dear Elisabeth,

May I compliment you on the article – it’s a very easy yet professional read and the best article received by any journalist/writer so far, in the past 2 years.
Just thought I’d let you know!

Chantal van der Ende, Marketing Coordinator, BioMCN, Delfzijl, Holland


Website for Move&Balance, expat workout and training classes.

Logotype, profile program and website for personal trainer and fitness instructor Pernille Illeris.

Dear Elisabeth. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for designing and creating such a fantastic website. I have received a lot of positive feedback, I especially love this one;

"I love your new website! Congratulations! It is wonderful. It is very professional but personal at the same time and very easy to navigate."


Pernille Illeris, founder move&balance


Website for lunch restaurant with catering service


Design, navigation, copy
Produced in Hemsida24.

Hi Elisabeth,

It has been very nice working with you and you have done a great job. We are so satisfied with our website. People are saying Wow, what a nice website, and of course you must get all the credits! Thank you for a very professional and really good job! 

Elia Sogut, owner, Köksälvan Catering, Älvsjö